Omega Comfort Tankless Heater Natural Gas OME 620-D NG Review

Omega Comfort Tankless Heater Natural GasOverall the Omega Comfort OME 620-D NG Natural Gas heater is a reliable and affordable solution for all of your water-heating needs. This natural gas tankless water-heating unit lets you enjoy hot water all year long while helping you save on energy bills.

This unit is incredibly easy to install and does not require any plumbing to work. This heater allows you to control water temperatures as you wish and only provides hot water when demanded, thus saving you more than 50% on your utility bills.

This natural gas heater is equipped with a digital display displays to monitor water temperature and gas consumption and can provide enough hot water for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.

Product features

  • 34 inch water connection and 12 inch gas connection
  • Dimensions: 26 X 15 X 6.5
  • Energy Efficiency: more than 80 percent
  • Capacity: 0.5 Gallon(minimum) and 1.75 gallons(maximum)
  • Cold-to-touch out cover
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Mechanical Lever- controls the maximum volume of water entering the tank to avoid overpressure
  • Faucet controlled volume

The good

The Omega Comfort Tankless OME 620-D NG Water Heater Natural Gas is built with energy efficiency in mind. This unit’s pilot light turns off when the heater is not in use which ensures that the heater only heats water when needed. This function can really make a difference on your energy bills. In fact, this unit could help you can save up to 50% of your utility bills, which is no small feat.

This tankless water heating solution features a digital display and controls that allow you to monitor the water temperature. In warmer weather, you can reduce the water temperature to save energy.  You can also raise the temperatures to up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit according to your needs.

The heater utilizes natural gas, which is a clean source of energy. This feature is great for users who want to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Omega Comfort Tankless is built to offer maximum safety and reliability. This tankless heater has a digital ignition, which automatically switches off in the event of an accidental fire.

This tankless unit also features sensors that will shut down the tank if it’s overheating. The water connections are equipped with a valve that will prevent any damages that could be caused by excessive water pressure.

Omega Tankless Water Heater

The Omega 620 Tankless is one of the easiest tankless water heating solutions to install. No plumbing changes are required in the house, and the tank can be stored anywhere. This is a significant contrast with most tankless heaters that require professional installation.

The bad

The Omega OME Tankless did have a few glitches. First, the heater does not heat water instantly, so you’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes before hot water comes through the faucets. However, this is a common fault in almost all tankless water-heating units.

Waiting for the water to heat up for a few minutes could mean that a lot of water is wasted. Although most of the times you’ll only have to open one tap to allow the water to warm, at other times, you might have to open more than one tap to allow the water to heat up. Users who are looking to save water may be disappointed by this. But again, this is a common feature on most tankless heaters.

Busy households with a large demand for hot water might encounter hot-cold water phases that are often attributed to tankless water heaters. Although, most of the time, the Omega 620 can provide hot water to all faucets, at other times, hot water will only be available in a few faucets. This might force you to switch off a few taps to allow others faucets in the house to supply hot water.

Our verdict

In comparison to other tankless heaters on the market, the Omega 620 is one of the safest and most reliable units around. This huge energy savings this unit can bring makes it an even wiser decision. This tank is built to ensure that your investment is protected.

The issues we had with this unit are common to most water heaters. Overall, most of these were minor and should not prevent you from considering this unit.

Although Omega is not a household name yet, their tankless water heaters are on par with other more established water heater brands on the market. All in all, the Omega G20 natural gas heater is highly recommended for those looking for a low cost and energy efficient water heating solution. Click here to check out the latest price from Amazon.